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These technical and language checks can help improve your manuscript's chances of getting through to peer review. (Note that use of the free service or the one-time fee service is not a requirement or a guarantee of acceptance for review or publication.)
5 Language Checks
Checks for language quality including grammar, readability, writing mechanics, academic vocabulary, etc.
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18 Technical Checks
Checks for technical requirements related to references, disclosures, limits, structure, figures, tables, etc.
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Detailed free report summarizing findings of the 23 checks to help you get ready for submission.
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Download an edited version of your manuscript, with free unlimited rechecks, for a one-time fee.
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Secure & encrypted
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Trusted by 400+ journals
Preflight is used by more than 20,000 authors submitting to more than 400 journals across academic disciplines and spanning the portfolio of top global publishers.
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80% Fewer desk rejections
Fewer desk rejections for manuscripts using Preflight The use of a Preflight tool to assist authors in identifying language errors and missing manuscript elements prior to submission was associated with a decrease in initial manuscript rejections.
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